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Collective Investment Trusts

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We are connecting Advisors to the retirement marketplace

First Hill Trust Company partners with advisors like you to develop Collective Investment Trusts (CITs) that extend your investment strategies to qualified retirement plans. With lower administrative costs and a lower-cost structure as compared to mutual funds, CITs offer cost-efficient, customizable solutions that resonate with retirement plan sponsors seeking diversified, fiduciary-aligned options.

Why Partner with First Hill Trust Company for CIT Development?

  1. Retirement Plan Access: Extend your investment expertise to a wider audience by incorporating CITs into retirement plans. These versatile investment vehicles enable you to cater to the unique needs of retirement-focused clients.
  2. Tailored Strategies: Our experienced team collaborates with you to design CITs that seamlessly align with your existing investment strategies. This personalized approach ensures your clients benefit from tailored solutions while maintaining your advisory brand.
  3. Fiduciary Advantage: CITs help you fulfill your fiduciary duty by offering diversified and cost-efficient options within retirement plans. This aligns perfectly with your client's best interests while demonstrating your commitment to responsible advising.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: CITs are renowned for their lower operating costs compared to traditional investment vehicles. With our partnership, you can deliver superior value to your clients while potentially increasing their long-term returns.
  5. Regulatory Expertise: Stay confident in your compliance efforts with First Hill Trust Company's in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape. We ensure your CITs meet all necessary standards, providing you and your clients with peace of mind.
  6. Differentiation and Growth: Distinguish yourself as an advisor who not only understands your clients' aspirations but also offers innovative solutions to meet them. By expanding your services to retirement plans through CITs, you stand out in a competitive market and foster business growth.

Let First Hill Trust Company position you as a preferred advisor for comprehensive retirement solutions.

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Our CIT Products

In addition to helping advisors launch their own CITs, First Hill Trust also manages its own proprietary suite of CIT funds that are available to any qualified retirement plan.

Fund Name
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  • Conservative FHTCCX
  • Moderate Conservative FHTCMX
  • Balanced FHTCBX
  • Growth FHTCGX
  • Aggressive Growth FHTCAX

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